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Clarksville-Montgomery County

Metropolitan mixed with a healthy dose of small town charm.  Think Carrie Bradshaw meets Dolly Parton.  Okay, that may be a stretch – but we do serve a mean martini and some mouthwatering barbeque. 

If someone asks whether you’ve ever visited Clarksville, Tennessee and your immediate response is “Where’s that?” then you’re missing out.  What your friend may already know, and you will soon find out, is that Clarksville is where you need to be.  An escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life, Clarksville has the unique ability to blend big city amenities (we are the fifth fastest growing city in the nation) with small town charm.  And we do it all Southern style.

A chameleon of sorts, Clarksville offers something different to all who have a desire to travel outside the norm.  Our artistic repertoire ranges from world class theatres and art exhibits to honky-tonks and homegrown country music.  Love to shop?  Explore our multitude of antique stores, local one-of-a-kind boutiques, or calm your craving with the well known department stores you love. Our moderate climate makes us every nature lover’s dream location.  With several state parks in the area and miles of walking and biking trails your taste for the outdoors will be satisfied.  Not to mention that both the Cumberland and Red Rivers can provide endless hours of aquatic excitement. All of this doesn’t even touch on the many year round attractions that make Clarksville distinctive. From the Customs House Museum to Beachaven Winery and Vineyards we can provide a list of “must sees” for your visit. A quick peak at our calendar and you can see we’ve got a whole lotta shakin’ going on.

There are so many other things we could brag about.  Like our rich river heritage or our diverse community, represented by over 26 countries.  But those things are better left to experience on your own terms.  You cannot describe that je ne sais quoi appeal that makes Clarksville so desirable.  Words do not do justice to all that the area has to offer.  Instead pack your bag, throw the family in the car and come by for a weekend.  You won’t be disappointed.

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